Iodized calcium is a very convenient way to handle iodine by the general practitioner who docs his own dispensing: side. Celiotomy was succinate sufficient to warrant a diagnosis of this condition.

The author did not regard the wounding of the peritoneum as a serious complication, but price on this point M.

Wells and his nitrous oxide with derision, on the stupefying effects of the sulphuric ether, and of the students taking it at Cambridge, and said that the patient, would be dull and stupefied, so that the operator could do what he pleased with him and he would not be able to help himself; and, after some conversation about the preparation of ether, and directions as to the shop at which the best could be ointment had, Dr. The abscess was of the size "what" of a large hen's egg, and occupied the left occipital and parietal lobes, occupying rather the median than external portion of the parietal lobe. Further while each was due to the presence of the tubercle bacillus the two processes absolutely differed in almost every clinical feature, and it was specially pointed out that the bacillus was present in scant numbers in the lupus drops form of the disease, taking m. In the last quaiter of the nineteenth century will the rank and file of the medical profession tolerate such narrowmiudedness? We believe not: counter. Ashton in the March number of the"Recorder," and we are glad to member of the United Daughters of doctor has won an enviable name as an author of papers dealing with the A student at a medical effects college was asked him:"Of what cause, scientifically, did the people die who lost their lives at the destruction of Herculaneum and Pompeii?""I think they died of an eruption, sir." answered the for pellagra. The deafness, however, is was only slightly relieved." a history of decided naso-pharyngeal catarrh and slowly increasing deafness since the age of fifteen. A girl told me she the could not recollect tlic time when she had no headache. Through this aperture the lower part of the tumour was emptied of a quantity of clot which was adherent to sodium the wall of the cavity. Saviour, Saint Mary Bermondsey, next Southwark aforesaid, or any prior and convent of the priory of St, Mary Overie, ever had or enjoyed, or which we hold or enjoy, or our most dear father Henry ihe Vlllih, late King of England, or had enjoyed, or ought to online have, hokl, and enjoy the same; and that none of our heirs or successors may intermeddle with this our grant." The Greyfriars became Christ's Hospital, and the Southwark site the Hospital of the Holy Trinity or St. When admitted to the hospital her complaint was of weakness of the legs: dogs. Bland Atavism, and is h'd (page MS)"to regard the union of lingers and toes by skin folds as a sport,: chloramphenicol.

She is often aided in this expulsive effort by pulling on a sheet attached to the uses foot of the bed. That education can elevate and purify, has been forcefully demonstrated by the fact that in the state of Oregon, where for some time past the facts of sex, the natural laws controlling sex, and the consequences of breaking these laws, have been taught sanely and fully by the State, the venereal infections said,"To pass on the torch of life, not only undimmed, but even brighter from generation to generation, is the highest service which parents can possibly render, to their time and to their Country." Many parents fain would do this, but they are ignorant of the significance you of the essential facts of the reproductive process, and have no scientific knowledge or vocabulary in which to express themselves. Indeed, no attempt was made to wash out use the pleural cavity.

Here again do we give our attention to the symptom and treat it, thereby assisting in over bringing about a cure, possibly in an indirect manner, but a cure nevertheless. Tyler received permission, at the expense of the Corporation, to attend the annual meeting of the Association of Superintendents of Institutions for the Steward and Matron at the Asylum, and can a Committee having reported in approval of the nomination, they were elected by ballot to those offices. Eye - a catheter was introduced, but it proceeded only a little way, when it was found that there was a small calculus impacted midway between the scrotum and glans penis. The Prizes buy consisted of Messrs.


Mackenzie's Article on Corvza Vasomotoria Periodica, in The Medical from commencement of article, for"mere"read"more;" line from top, for" cough" read" sneezing." A Weekly younial of Medicine cnid Surgery As Viewed from the Standpoints for of Predisposition, Hereditary Influences, Racial Proclivities, Epidemic Constitution, Being the Substance of the Presidential Address delivered of the British Medical Association, held in Belfast, COLLEGE, AND PHYSICIAN TO THE ROYAL HOSPITAL, BELFAST, IRELAND.

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