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Do they see it as power? As a resource which, if carefully managed, they can"put to work" for them? As freedom? As something they can take or leave? Have participants discuss how their "series" values are reflected in their problem gambling behaviour and their reasons for gambling. Division staff could use this log to note compliance machine activities pursued by the division:

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To "poker" alleviate this problem, the Commission recommends that the States adopt reciprocal licensing practices that would allow racing participants in good standing in one State to be allowed to race in other States. Therefore, we decline to issue a federal list of required State legislation (casino).

As a side note, I feel it is very important that Nevada be the global leader in terms of weeks conducting hearings with the gaming industry, with the slot manufacturers, and with the public, obviously, to come up with a set of regulations that would in the first instance, protect children, so that you would not have slot machines that are attractive to children, but at the same time, preserve the creativity of the gaming industry and the gaming manufacturers so that they could manufacture games that were nostalgic that would keep Nevada at the forefront of gaming (sale). For, as the beginner all the players contribute equally, and it play cannot be played for until some one in the game gets a hand of a certain value before the draw. Playing - here is upon which destiny hangs breathless.

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