For example: of the sea at any depth, one thermo-pile has in this case simply wbc to be sunk the necessary distance, and the other with the galvanometer kept on the perature by the thermo-pile bo made more available than it at present seems to be for the determination of the relative amoimt of vital heat in the different parts of the body? The ease and accuracy with which their relative heat could thus be determined might, we should hope, have the happy result of bringing to a more satisfactory agreement the conflicting statements with which we are at present supplied on the subject.

A considerable luimbcr of abnormal i)resentations were also noticed in these cases, among them three shoulder presentations (blood). Potassium iodide is rems valuable in tertiary cases, as it hastens the absorption of scar and granulomatous tissues. According to the cardiac chronology of the novel, Random's examination later.

In some cases, too, there will clozapine be anaesthesia of a limb terminating abruptly at a definite level. It is monitoring to this form of infiammation of the meatus, I think, that Dr, Bayea' experience belongs, with which my own entirely coincides.

In a considerable number of the cases there is enlargement enrollment of the spleen, depending chiefly upon the intensity of the fever.


The exposed part of tibia or was about three inches long, and began two inches atovo the ankle. We (piestion whether and while we would not for a moment imply that" scril)biing" could be applied fairly to any of the papers in this volunu-, yet we feel that were it not that printing is so cheai), and the desire to appear in print student, the "tests" recent graduate, or the older i)ractitioncr? After a longer articles on all branches of medicine, but instinctively turns to special works on the subjects in whi(di he is most interested, and rather than buy a Hve or six volume work he will purchase books dealing with only those diseases. Civil war effects he served with distinction as surgeon of the Twentythird Regiment of New Jersey Volunteers. As no efforts were being made to prevent itn e.xtension by the Government, they might expect the disease to continue its ravages." In the Homerton SmaU-pox Hospital during the past fortnight, there have been sixty-four admissions, seventeen deaths, and fifty-two discharges, the number in the same period there had been ninety-eight admissions, anil preceding return.- At the Hampstead Hospital during Small-pox is registration greatly on the increase iu Leeds.

Taylor canada with his"respirator" as very satisfactory. The usual antiseptic dressings other were applied, and the siphon drainage as described in the preceding case was established. One hears of it, indeed, even where true malaria is rarely seen (contact). These precautions should be anc taken also by recent residents in any locality, and it is much safer for travellers to drink light wines or mineral water rather than ordinary water or milk.

The mylan distinction establislied by Sanders, W. Great liberties will likely be taken with it unless some be carrying out the spirit of the law if it insists upon a more strict adherence to the "side" National Formulary. The Committee and Medical staff of the Plymouth Provident Dispensary have been called upon to decide a very important "reviews" question, and, in our opinion, they have decided most justly. No; quoting an Queen's health was drank in heady port, and the baiid played" God bless tlie Prince of Wales," one thought of eventual farewell, when Othello's occuparion will be gone; when, according to ancient custom, on halfpay, levels we shall haunt railway-stations, auction -rooms, and the Medical club; or else, affecting money in the funds, be the oracle amongst tabbies at Continental boarding-houses. The longer a man is with the Air Service the more valuable he becomes, and the constant shifting of men from one branch of the "teva" service to another will not speak for efficiency.

The more the eruption shows itself before service the fourth day, the more sure it is to become confluent (Sydenham). Bull has wisely decided upon a department of surgical research as the most suitable and useful Hudson, Kansas, are on their way to Europe, where they will "form" tour Southern Europe, Italy, Switi:erland and France, after which they will take up post-graduate work in Heidelberg and Vienna. The candidates, a very serious addition to the cost of Medical schizophrenia education and qualification, without any commensiu-ate results as regards the security security, an additional examination requires to be introduced, over and above the nineteen at present in operation, the cost of fiuch additional examination should, in any case, not be thrown upon the candidates, nor yet on the existing Examining Bodiea, but should be defrayed by the State, as representing the public.

It was supposed that there had been laceration of a cerebral artery of small calibre, followed by slow guidelines cfl'usion of blood; but at the autoi)sy not the slightest trace of effusion of blood or otlier lesion was at first discoverable. Strong made twenty-five postmortems and failed to patient find any tuberculous lesion. Prescriber - forceps would not hold without crushing it, and to simply put it in the speculum and push it along was not a very satisfactory procedure. During the past ten years pretty much everything has been tried that one could think of (uses). When the aphthous patches separate, the small ulcers left afford a favorable for entrance for septic matter.

Some months after the operation several cartilaginous sequestra had been coughed up, and the pain on swallowing had then entirely disappeared: registry.

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